màquina automàtica de corbadora CNC vertical reforçada de 10-32mm

Màquina doblegadora automàtica CNC vertical de 10-32mm

Descripció del producte

Màquina doblegadora automàtica CNC vertical de 10-32mm
The CNC Double-heard rebar bender center adopts digital control. Its features simple operation, convenient maintenance and high efficiency . It can realize automatic length measurement, automatic bending clamp, rapid prototyping and other functions. The control program of imported PLC and CNC stores hundreds of figures and is equipped with database. It applies advanced designing concept and adopts imported servo motor driving and controlling. Therefore, it realizes two-way digital control bending and accomplishes more than 20 angles figures. The producing efficiency is high. This equipment especially applies to highway bridge construction site and rebar concentrated processing factory。

Principals característiques

1. Controlled by top-class brand servo motor. The head features rapid moving response and high accuracy of positioning.

2. With world top-class brand CNC control system, we realize automatic production and ensure practicality and long service life of equipment.

3. The bending head has compact structure. The bending moulds of different models are equipped. The bent rebar is of intensive range.

4.The bending platform adopts high-strength guide rail which will not be out of shape easily and is durable in use.

5. With humanized storing racks, the production is easy and efficiency can be improved.

6. It can process many rebars at one time to increases efficiency.

7. It adopts unitary lifting and there is no need to dismantling when removal. It applies to fixed site manufacturing or frequently changing site for its simple installation.

8. High intensity and automatic storage rack on vertical rebar bending center .

Detalls ràpids

Condició: nova
Lloc d'origen: Shandong, Xina (continental)
Nom de marca: JIAXIN
Tipus de màquina: màquina de doblat en espiral
Raw Material:Pipe
Material / Metall Processat: acer al carboni
Potència: CNC
Automatització: automàtica
Serveis extra: tall a la longitud
Certificació: ISO 9001: 2000
Name:Automatic cnc vertical 10-32mm reinforcing rebar bending machine
Garantia: un any
Wire diameter:10-mm-32mm
Bending Angle:±0-180
Application:highway,railway ,and construction buliding
Bending Speed:60/second
Temperatura de treball: 0 ~ 40 ℃
Length Precision:±1mm
Average Production:25Ton/ 10 hours
Servei postvenda proporcionat: enginyers disponibles per al servei