cnc 2d alanbre automatikoa tolestuz, stirrup bender makina

cnc 2d alanbre automatikoa tolestuz

automatic CNC 2d wire bending / stirrup bender machine

The automatic CNC 2d wire bending / stirrup bender machine is a high-tech product. It is integrated with 3 functions, strengthening, bending and cutting functions, so steel bars can be hooped and bended by it in one step. automatic CNC 2d wire bending / stirrup bender machine, controlling with malfunction alarm, PLC, servo motor and electric components of internationally konwn brand like INVT, Mitsubishi, is capable of providing our products by the most accurate cutting , straightening, bending and effect. automatic CNC 2d wire bending / stirrup bender machine is widespread used in high speed way, bridge, real estate, reinforcing steel processing factories area, etc.

What's the highlights of wire bending / stirrup bender?

a.Adopts automatic stirrup bender machine CNC servo control system and self-developed operation system based on internationally known PLC. Achieves memory storage of graphics, the humanized operation interface is extremely easy to operate.

b.The automatic CNC 2d wire bending / stirrup bender machine of elbow adopts bi-directional bending design, which enables the machine to work at a large processing range.

Humanized Operation Interface

Main Technical Specifications of wire bending / stirrup bender



Single wire Diameter(mm)


Double wire Diameter(mm)


Max Bending Angle (°)


Max Pulling Speed (m/min)


Max Bending Speed (°/s)


Bending Direction


Length Tolerance (mm)


Bending Tolerance (°)

± 1

Single wire Max Production capacity(hour)

900(standard size)

Double wire Max Production Capacity(hour)

1800(standard size)

Equipment Sizes (mm) L*W*H


Installed Power(kw)




Working (℃)


Cylinder Pressure(Mpa)


Xehetasun azkarrak

Condition:New, stirrup bender
Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland),
Marka izena: JIAXIN
Machine Type:Coiling Bending Machine, steel cutting and bending
Raw Material: Steel Bar
Materiala / Metal prozesatua: Karbonoaren altzairua
Power:Cnc, electric
Automation:Automatic, High Degree Automatic
Zerbitzu gehigarriak: Luzera moztu
Certification:CE, CE
Raw material:coil wire
Product name:automatic CNC 2d wire bending / stirrup bender machine
Salmenta osteko Zerbitzua: Zerbitzuetan dauden ingeniari