ГТ4-14 машина за исправљање и резање жичане траке

ГТ4-14 машина за исправљање и резање жичане траке

Опис производа

GT4-14 steel bar straightening and cutting machine has the functions of presetting , automatic counting and stopping , steel guiding.Compared with other manufacturers' similar products,the straightening frame of GT4-14 adopts the hot rolling process, which has the features of beautiful appearance, strong rigidity, good straightening effect.Hydraulic system is simple and reliable, no oil leakage.

The Advantages of steel bar straightening and cutting machine

-The microcomputer control, automatic straightening, automatic length, cut off automatically

- More batch input length and quantity at the same time, the computer storage memory

-Hydraulic cutting, more accurate, more quiet

-Lower noise,morestable,save electricity, easy to transport

-Smooth operation, low fault rate and easy maintenance, cheap accessories

Straightening rebar diameter4-14mm
Wire pulling speed35-42m/min(Speed Regulation)
Length of wire rod800-900mm
Толеранција дужине±0.5cm
Wire straightness± 2мм / м
Снага мотора Straightening7.5kwCutting 4kw
Overall dimension3220x690x1160(mm)

Брзи детаљи

Место поријекла: Схандонг, Кина (континентални)
Назив марке: ЈИАКСИН
Model Number:GT4-14
Straightening rebar diameter:4-14mm
Wire pulling speed:35-42m/min(Speed Regulation)
Length of wire rod:800-900mm
Length tolerance:±0.5cm
Wire straightness:±2mm/m
Overall dimension:3220x690x1160(mm)
Обезбеђена сервисна услуга: инжињери доступни за сервисирање