steel bending machine

Steel bending machine also called steel bender machine is widely used in the building and construction industry. When constructing a building, steel bending machine can be used to bend steel bars with diameters from 4mm to 60mm into any angles between 0°and 180°. And JIAXIN steel bending machine is designed to meet the various need of bending steel bars in constructing industry.

Different Types of JIAXIN Steel Benders

We supply different types of JIAXIN steel bending machines. Our factories are available to provide steel bar bending machine, steel wire bending machine and steel rod bending machine. Besides, we can also provide customized-made bending machines according to different requirements of clients.

Advantages of Choosing JIAXIN Steel Bending Machine

JIAXIN steel bending machine has some competitive advantages. First, our steel bender machines are manufactured with advanced technology. Second, because all of our manufacturers and suppliers are equipped with sophisticated equipment and have first-rate staff, our steel bar bender machine and steel rod bender machine are with high quality but inexpensive price. Third, we have many sizes of steel benders to choose. And not only our steel rod bender but also steel bar bender have strong rigidity and durability.

Automatic stirrup bender/steel bending machine

Portable rebar stirrup bending machine CNC round steel bar cutting and bending machine
  • Machine Type: Coiling Bending Machine
  • Raw Material: Steel Bar
  • Material / Metal Processed: Stainless Steel
  • Power: Cnc
  • Model Number: WG12B
  • Rebar diameter: 4mm to 12mm
  • Voltage: 380V/50Hz/3phase
  • Total Motor Power: 32.35kw
  • Control system: Fatek PLC controller
  • Application: straightening, bending, cutting
  • Average electric power consumption: 6 kw/h
  • Gross Weight: 2700kg

CNC stirrup steel bending machine price

CNC stirrup steel bending machine price

This equipment adopts servo controlling system;

  • Automatically accomplish the functions of rebar's feeding, straighten, bending and cutting etc;
  • Max bending diameter of rebar is 12mm;
  • Continuously bend various stirrup of plane figure;
  •  Widely used in construction industry and rebar manufacturing enterprise;
  •  High efficiency and accurate processing precision

Features of JIAXIN Machinery

  1. Compact structure.
  2. Coppery motor.
  3. Flexible and easy to operate.
  4. Safe and reliable to use.
  5. Stable performance.
  6. Heavy-duty gearbox.
  7. Good steel work disk.
  8. High working efficiency.
  9. Strong rigidity and durability.
  10. Easy to maintain.

Steel bending machine for sale

As manufacturers, we have different metal bending machine for sale. They could be divided into automatic rebar benders, manual rebar bender, portable bar bending machine, electric bar bending machine, etc. Customers could choose different styles according to their demands and application scope.

Features of steel bending equipment

  • Compact structure.
  • Solid working disc.
  • Safe and reliable operation.
  • Four wheels for moving bending machine.
  • Low power loss.
  • Precise bending function.
  • Low noise.
  • Long working life.
  • High quality.
  • Advanced Technology.
  • Newest Design.
  • Steel bending machines of JIAXIN
  • As steel bending unit manufacturer, steel bending machines, produced by JIAXIN are accepted broadly in international steel bar process machinery market. The rebar benders from our factory are with high quality and low price, excellent after-sales service

Main accessories of JIAXIN bending steel machines for sale

  • Using international standard motor. That is 100% copper motor.
  • Worm gears transmission to reduce friction and save power consumption.
  • Working disc diameter are 350mm. Disc material is carbon structural steel.
  • Enclosed electric cabinet is safe and reliable.
  • Customized steel bending machines service is offered according to customers’ needs.
  • Simple operation, even layman could learn how to use bending steel machine.
  • Stable performance to ensure machine work without breakdown for a long time.
  • Foot pedal control switch makes it easy for one worker operating steel machines.
  • Wheels are good for easy movement.
  • Almost all bend angels in construction site can be made.
  • Different bending pins are for various steel bar No..
  • Central pin can be changed. It will be convenient to maintain.

Why choose JIAXIN steel bending machines for sale

  1. JIAXIN steel bending machines for sale have been sold to various countries. There has no bad feedback from them about our machine quality and after-sales service.
  2. Steel bending machinery, produced by JIAXIN factory, would be tested for many times. It makes sure machines work well when customers get them.
  3. Our rebar steel fabrication machines passed CE, SGS identification for meeting import countries’ requests to machinery products. It helps clients reduce the cost of imports a lot.
  4. We offer product knowledge training of how to use steel bending units for free, when clients buy machines from our factory.
  5. JIAXIN offers OEM service. Clients could buy steel machines for bending use with their own design and logo.
  6. We have CE, SGS, ISO identification to promise a good quality machines for clients.
  7. Our customer service department offers our clients excellent afte-sales service at any time.

High speed automatic stirrup rebar steel bending machine price

hot sale automatic rebar stirrup bender price,steel wire bending machine
  • Model Number: WG12B
  • Rebar diameter: 4mm to 12mm
  • Voltage: 380V/50Hz/3phase
  • Total Motor Power: 32.35kw
  • Control system: Fatek PLC controller
  • Application: straightening, bending, cutting
  • Average electric power consumption: 6 kw/h
  • Gross Weight: 2700kg

Bending Ability Used Steel Bar Bender /Wrought Iron Bending Machine

4-12mm hydraulic automatic cnc 2D wire bending machine supplier
  • Raw Material: Steel Bar
  • Material / Metal Processed: Carbon Steel
  • Power: Cnc, CNC
  • Automation: Automatic
  • Single Wire Diameter: 4-12mm
  • Double Wire Diameter: 4-10mm
  • Max. Bending Angle: 180 degree
  • Voltage: 380V/220V
  • Max. Bending Speed: 1200°/sec
  • Keywords: steel bending machine

How to bend steel by bending machines

You would find that it is very easy to operate our steel bending machines even if you are layman. We produce all our bending machines for steel with humanized design and simple structure. With the guide f the operating instruction, you could learn how to bend steel by bending machines easily.

Before you start the steel rebar bending machine, please make sure that no any crack and gap is on the surface of the bending molds. You need confirm that the emergency switch and the food pedal are workable at the same time.

Please keep the steel fabrication machines idle for a few minutes before it start to work. This will warm the oil and let the construction steel bending machine run smoothly when using it to bend steel.

Matters need attention when using machines for bending steel

In order to keep safe, always keep your hand away from the bending rollers of steel bending machines. And please bend the steel rod within the working ability of steel bending machine. If you want to bend several steel bars at the same time, the section of these steels should not be over the working capacity of bending machine. Or it will do harm to the bending machines for sale. Always keep in mind that we should lubricate the machines for bending steel at least once a month. This will be good for the using life of steel machine. Turn off the power supply when the bending machines are not in use and keep it clean.

After-sales service of steel bending machine for sale

  • We offer one year warranty service to our steel bending machine for sale.
  • Lifelong free maintenance service is available.
  • Our factory will send wearing parts of steel bending machines for free.
  • Our experienced engineers are ready to offer technology support for clients at home and abroad.
  • We will help you solve any problem when you meet during operating the steel bending machines.
  • We welcome our clients to visit our factory at any time.