cnc stirrup bender machine

JIAXIN Cnc Stirrup Bender Machine is controlled by CNC system. It is one single machine including functions of straightening, stirrup bending and cutting steel bars. It can accomplish straighten, bend and cut coil wire and straight bars automatically instead of 20-30 workers. This greatly reduces labor and save cost, so bidirectional automatic stirrup bender machine for sale is widely used in construction industry and large-scale steel bar processing factories. Moreover, bi-directional automatic stirrup benders make bending double stirrup come ture, which enhances production efficiency for steel fabrication plants. In general, there have different rebar stirrups used in construction buildings. For example, different cutting length of stirrups, different types of stirrups are required. No matter which stirrups in construction are needed, JIAXIN bidirectional automatic stirrup bender machines always have the ability to satisfy your demands.Without doubt, choosing JIAXIN CNC stirrup bender machine is choosing the best quality, price and service.

Stirrup Bending Machine

Stirrup bending machine has another name called stirrup bender machine. This machine is with a wide range of being used in building and construction industries. Stirrup making machine to some extent is one kind of bar bending machine, but it has some functions that the normal bending machine does not have. Stirrup bender can bend bar, rebar, reinforcing bar and steel within 180° into different forms according to different settings, for example, triangle, quadrangle, pentagram, polygon and ring.

Besides, this machine can also bend metals into “U ” shape. That’s why stirrup bending machines are also called U-bending tools.

Types of Stirrup Benders

We have different types of stirrup bending machines available for sale. We provide automatic bending machine and semi-automatic bending machine; and also, we have cnc wire bending machine. For all these stirrup machines, our company can supply the customized-made machinery accordingly.

Advantages of JIAXIN Cnc Stirrup Bender Machine

♦ Our automatic stirrup bender can bend steel bars into many different shapes like triangle, quadrangle, pentagram, ring and polygons.

♦ JIAXIN stirrup bender has automatic wire feeding system. It can move steel bars in a totally automatic way.

♦ Its data base has large storage capacity and it can store more than 600 geometric figures.

♦ Our Cnc Stirrup Bender Machine can process different shapes continuously without shop. Besides, there is no need to cease the machine when you adjust bending angles. It is very suitable for mass production.

♦ The automatic stirrup making machine can process steel wire at both single strand and double strand. This would greatly improve production efficiency.

♦ Automatic wire stirrup bender machine produced by Jiaxin has 4 motors with high quality. One is brake motor, one is motor for air pump and other two is servo motor. All these motors will guarantee the stirrup bender works powerfully and bends steel bars in most accurate way.

♦ It is very safe and reliable to operate our wire bending machine due to its intelligent fault identification alarm system.

♦ There has buffer device at the feed port of stirrup bender. It will greatly reduce resistance and instability caused by the running machine. That helps extend the using life of automatic stirrup bender.

Function of JIAXIN Stirrup Bending Machine

The function of stirrup bending machine is to bend bars into varieties of shapes according to different requirements, such as rectangle, square and other simple shapes. JIAXIN automatic stirrup bending machine can bend round steel bar with diameters from 4mm to 32mm. Both the processing scope and the external adjuster are optional, so this type of machine is quite convenient to use.

Why choose our Cnc Stirrup Bender Machine

♦ First of all, JIAXIN stirrup bending machine complies with international standard. Our automatic stirrup bending machines have passed CE, ISO, ROHS certification. We promise to offer our clients high quality stirrup benders all the time.

♦ Secondly, JIAXIN has group of professional engineers. They are able to offer any support needed by clients at home and abroad. We offer excellent after-sales service for stirrup bender.

♦ Third, no matter when you buy our stirrup bender machine, we would offer a very fair price. It is sure that you can afford every automatic stirrup bender from JIAXIN. You would enjoy more excellent service by ordering our rebar stirrup bender.

♦ Lastly, as rebar stirrup bender manufacturer, we are able to customize stirrup benders with clients’ logo and design. This will help those clients who want to develop their own brand of stirrup making machine.

Features of Cnc Stirrup Bender Machine

♦ Compact structure.
♦ Excellent copper motor.
♦ Stable performance.
♦ High production efficiency.
♦ Easy to operate.
♦ Easy to maintain.
♦ Low noise.
♦ Low power consumption.
♦ Accurate processing precision.
♦ Safe and reliable to operate.