automatic and cnc power 2D steel wire bending machine

automatic and cnc power 2D steel wire bending machine

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:JIAXIN
Machine Type:Steel bar stirrup bender
Raw Material:Steel Bar
Material / Metal Processed:Carbon Steel
Extra Services:automatic straightening, bending and cutting in one shape
Certification:ISO 9001:2000
properties:automatic straightening, bending and cutting in one shape.
Length accuracy:±1mm
bending shape:> 800 maximum
Max bending diameter:14mm
Single wire(mm):4-14mm
Double wire(mm):4-14mm
Max bending speed:800-1050( °/sec)
Angle Tolerance:±1°
After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machine

Product Description

JIAXIN-A type automatic CNC bending steel hoop machine from feeding, descating, straightening extends curved shape, cut a variety of processes single one alive, directly produced a variety of specifications of various sizes, fully meet the design requirements . A variety of specifications can be processed in various sizes square, rectangle , diamond, polygon, etc. It can automatically complete straightening steel , length, bend-shaping and cutting and other functions , saving time , high production efficiency can be achieved automatic , uninterrupted processing operation .


•Automatic recognition of power in machine and work piece, the processing is both quick and good

•Slow returning core, boosted by barrow, imporving the appearance of the angle.

•The whole operation is in the computer, simple, quick and correct

•Picturized programming system: draw and modify on the stereo pipe image on the screen, makes the operation simple, quick and correct

•Rebound test: comparison test on the features of lots of pipe materials

•Single-step debugging function- a careful observe on the deformation of the pipe material during the trail manufacture of dies.

•Automatic drawing of the graphics of dies-clear help to develop new products

•Over-all inspection: hydraulic/electrical circuit/ driving systems, adsence of phase in motors/inversion, voltage, temperature, oil pressure, and automatically diagnose the troubles asswords, keys, working hours/ recordings of quantities, are applied to management of production.

Recommended application industry:

Automobile fittings ( oil pipe for brake, muffler, seats and so on), motorcycle, healthy equipment, air-conditioning, bicycle, steel furniture, sanitary wares and so on;