4mm-12mm hydraulic cnc steel bar bender,rebar bending machine,automatic steel stirrup bending machine

4mm-12mm hydraulic cnc steel bar bender,rebar bending machine,automatic steel stirrup bending machine

Product Description

Automatic steel stirrup bending machine controlled by servo system, can automatically accomplish elastic,straighten,stirrup bending, cutting and so on.

Automatic steel stirrup bending machine is an full-automatic CNC stirrup bar straightening and bending equipment used on construction project. It has high working efficiency of 30 pieces per min with computer controled, which ensures the high accuracy, can bend the stirrup bar into various angles. And it is easy to operate ,with safe working, reliable quality and quite high efficiency.

Application: Widely used in construction industry and rebar manufacturing enterprise; for steel wire rod,steel bar, steel rebar, etc.


1. automaticly straightening
2. automaticly measure
3. automaticly bending (to different shapes used in construction projects)
4. automaticly cutting


1. Automatic wire feeding system ( PLC ).

2. Split, multi-blade design (patented) to reduce consumption costs

3. Large storage capacity can save 300 processing geometric graphics, high degree automation

4. Automatic double wire intake system, high processing efficiency

6. High power feeding motor to ensure bending bar accuracy.

7. The intelligent fault identification alarm system maintenance more convenient

8. Aerodynamic design observation door, easy adjustment and maintenance, and more security and fast.

9. Heavy-duty design line planes, equipped with a brake and buffer device can prevent chaotic lines

caused by downtime

10.High quality special material and high treatment to make straightening wheels, traction wheels, the

metering wheel, longer life with lower operating costs

11. Touch-screen console, easy to operate, and more fast

12. Control systems Electric parts: CHINESE TOP 1 BRAND.

Technical Parameter

Model R7
Single bar diameter5-10mm
Double bar diameter5-8mm
Number of bending work2 line
Total power21kw
Average power5kw