cnc automatic stirrup bending machine

cnc automatic stirrup bending machine

Main features:

cnc automatic stirrup bending machine is suitable for producing round steel bar and deformed bar in many shapes such as square,triangle,rectangle,five-pointed star,H shape and so on. It is controlled by servo motor and it has multi-functions of elastic, straighten, stirrup bending, cutting ...

Machine parameters:

Single wire working capacity for round steel bar4-12mm
Single wire working capacity for ribbed rebar4-8mm
Double wire working capacity for round steel bar4-10mm
Double wire working capacity for ribbed rebar4-6mm
Max bending angle180°
Max feeding speed25-35m/min
The feeding length of accuracy±1mm
The angle degree of accuracy±1°
Straightening servo motor power7.5KW
Bending servo motor power3.7KW
Cutting motor power4KW
Total power15.2KW
Power consumption6.0KW/Hour
Machine weight1350kg
Packing size3000X850X1700mm
Working Capacity1600pcs/hour

Our services:

Before-sales service:
1,We will help our customer confirm the right model according to the offered rebar inforamtion.
2,You are very welcome to visit our factory to see our machine how to work before you place an order with us.
After-sales service:
1,Free installation,trial start and adjustment,training.
2,We guarantee machine quality for one year.During this year,if spare parts of the machine we damaged,we can send the components to the customer by DHL,TNT for free.
3,If customer have any question about operation when using our machine,we will reply you by email/telephone/other online chat tool within 24 hours.


1.What kind of advantage for your machine?
The equipment has advantages of high efficiency,stable performance and good accuracy.It is widesly used in construction industry and steel rebar processing enterprise.

2.What model should I choose for this machine?
You can tell us your rebar information,like diameter,strength and the shape you want to do,we will recommend right model for you.

3.Do you offer training for this machine if our operator is not able to use?
Please don't worry the operation.
First,we will offer detailed instruction book for your reference.
Second,we have made detailed video to show you how to operate this machine.
Third,we offer free training in our factory,you can send your people to our factory to learn the operation before the delivery.