high quality machine to bend steel wire and inexpensive

high quality machine to bend steel wire and inexpensive

Brief description of bar bending machine :

Steel bar bending machine mainly used for bending the common round steel,carbon steel,Ⅱ/Ⅲ straight thread, and other construction projects, processing enterprises need various bending shape of the workpiece.This machine is mainly composed of drive gear, rack and workbench of three parts, transmission parts by motor through a triangle belt, pulley, gear shaft drive disc rotation, to complete the workpiece bending.

Steel bar bending machine is suitable for the construction of all kinds of reinforced bending, the product through the CE certification, exports abroad, adopting non-contact switch sensor and embedded microcomputer control, overcome the shortcomings of traditional large bending machine bending Angle error, the update products is a traditional bending machine.Compared with domestic already appeared the automatic bending center, its biggest advantage is to use "reinforced mobile, and bending machine does not move";And other manufacturers of equipment used is "bar does not move, bending machine move" train of thought.

Bar bending machine:

2.high efficiency
3.super quality with competitive price
4.low noise

Product description of steel bar bending machine:

Technical parameters of CN22/CN33 steel bar bending machine
Bending Diameter Plain carbon steel   


Plain carbon steel


Deformed steel ≤Φ32mmDeformed steel ≤Φ40mm
Operation disc specΦ350mmΦ400mm
Axis Rotate speedhigh speed:9.63r/min2.685r/min
low speed:4.68r/min
Motor power3KW4KW
Motor Rotate speed1429r/min1400r/min
Overall Dimension93x73x71cm106×81×72cm
Whole Weight350kg450kg

Advantage of our steel bar bending machine:

1 It can be preset two angles at the same time, realizing the combined function of bending and stirrupping together.

2 The work pole with bolt at one end can be adjusted, so as to make the bending angle more accurate.

3 This machine can be used automatically or manually, according to workers's usage habit.

Safty Operation

1.Check the electric parts as per the chart,plug into the pedal,connect with power to run unload at least 10 minutes.Must install the electric leakage switch and lack phase device,then confirm the rotate direction of the disk same to the mark on the sign.

2.Take bend accessories from the tool box in the cabinet,the put on the work disk as per the rebar dimension.

Manual Operation
3.Switch on the manual position,motor start button,adjust the disk to the start point,then put the rebar into the bend accessories.(rebar and block rod gap in 2-10mm )
4.Hold the start button until bend the rebar shape what you want.Hold another button,the disk back start then loose the button,finally finish work one time.

Semi-auto Operation
5.Adjust the switch on the semi position,make the two block to the start point and angle position what you want,put the rebar into the accessories.(rebar and block rod gap in 2-10mm )
6.Start on motor or set pedal switch,motor drive disk to rotate bending the rebar,it would back automatically after finish bending work.Notice:Semi-auto just set the start button or pedal switch,automatic back to start.
7.This type machine has the emergency stop button in symmetrical design,If occur the unappropriate operate or fault on equipment,the operator must press the button when leave from machine or off-duty.

Our Services

High quality machine to bend steel wire and inexpensive

1. Pre-sale services:
Act as a good adviser and assistant of clients enable them to get rich and generous
returns on their investments.
1>. Select equipment model;
2>. Design and manufacture products according to clients' special requirement;
3>. Train technical personnel for clients.
2. Services during the sale:
1>. Pre-check and accept products ahead of delivery;
2>. Help clients to draft solving plans.
3. After-sale services:
Provide considerate services to minimize clients' worries.
1>. Assist clients to prepare for the first construction scheme;
2>. Install and debug the equipment;
3>. Train the first-line operators;
4>. Examine the equipment;
5>. Take initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly;
6>. Provide perfect service;
7>. Provide technical exchanging

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Angle bending machine
Model Number:Steel bar bending machine
Machine Type:Roller-Bending Machine
Raw Material:Steel Bar
Material / Metal Processed:Carbon Steel
Extra Services:Cut To Length
Name of the machine:Angle bending machine
Colour:Natural colour
Material of machine:Stainless steel
Steel bar bending machine Voltage:380v/220v
Steel bar bending machine Size:
850*850*750mmThe motor power:3KW/4KW
Total weight:220/330/520KG
Operation Disc Spec:350mm
Steel bar bending machine Motor Speed:1400r/min
After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machine