cnc steel cage welding machine steel roll seam welder use for building

cnc steel cage welding machine steel roll seam welder use for building


Pile cage making machine can process the pile cage by 12m-27m automatically. Based on requirement of construction, the latitudinal rebar will be inserted into the sleeves which fixed on the rotating disk, take longitudinal circle wire and welding it on one latitudinal rebar, when the machine driven and the rotating disk rolling, the longitudinal circle wire will be twines around the rebar, when the disk is moving, it is also rotating, then it will be pile cage. It is controlled by programmable logic controller, the power will be offered by servo motor. There are also hydraulic lifting device under the cage for supporting, welding guns can work automatically according to order.

Automatic Cage Welding Machines are designed as unit construction systems which enables our customers to be flexible in considering the individual interests and requirements. A special version of the Automatic Cage Welding Machine producing polygonal reinforcement cages also sells very well. With this machine, reinforcement cages for pillars and supporting beams can be manufactured as well as reinforced concrete elements, foundation piles etc.

Production Characteristic/Features:

1.High Automation

It is controlled by computer and operate on touch screen, meanwhile, welding automatically by welding guns.

2. Quick Welding

Welding automatically by welding guns, one welding point just take one second, it can be three or four times fasterthan traditional artificial mode.

3.Stable Quality

High quality welding point, accurate rebar spacing, good synchronicity. The accurate longitudinal circle wire spacing provides basis for quick butt welding.

4. Intensity of labor is decreased

Two or three workers can operate well on this machine

5.Easy operation

The worker can operate it well after short training.

6.High adaptive capacity

It apply to the pile cage welding with the rebar by 12-50mm, the longitudinal circle wire spacing can be adjusted automatically. The length of pile cage is 12m-27m.


According the requirement , the pile cage with double main reinforcement or butt welding can be customized.

8.Convenient transportation and installation

It adopts modular design, the raw material device, main engine and conveying device can be dismantled, every part of it can be hoisted.

Production Process

Feeding → Inserting rebar(main bar) → fixing →overlapping stirrup→start welding → normal welding→ stop welding → cutting stirrup → Separate fixed disk → loosing rebar →separating movable disk → unloading cage→ lowering electric support → resetting movable disk

Technical Solutions

1. personnel allocation:Under normal circumstances, 5 to 6 person can work as a team.

Specific allocation is as follows:

Preparation and feeding materials:2 people

Roll welding:1~2people

strengthening hoop: 2 people

The Specific amount of staff should be based on the size and the model of the steel cage.

2. Production efficiency

1500mm pile cage: two classes, can process 300-400 meters /day,(about 20 tons).

When Welding a 12-metre steel cage, the general loading and unloading time is approximately 15-20 minutes, normal welding time is approximately 18-25 minutes (spacing 120mm), so the comprehensive time is 30-45 minutes, the speed can be greatly improved after skilled.(generally, the weight of a steel cage with diameter of 1.5 meters and length of 12 meters is about 800 kg)

The efficiency of making pile cage is related to the quantity of the longitudinal rebars, the diameter of the cage, the coil spacing and the skill of workers.

3. Steel cage template

According to actual requirements, the design of pile cage will be different (such as the quantity or diameter of longitudinal rebar), it’s adaptable to different engineering needs by changing the template and the catheter.

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)
After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Name:High Quality CNC cage welding machine for concrete
Product name:High Quality CNC cage welding machine for concrete
Voltage:380V/220V (customized)
Cage length(m):2-12(customized)