automatic steel bar cage making machine

Automatic steel bar cage making machine

Quick Details

Type:Welding Wire Machine
Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:JIAXIN
Voltage:440/380V(three Phase Supply), 380V/customized
Rated Duty Cycle:65%
Rated Capacity:13kw
Product name:Automatic steel bar pile cage making machine
Cage Diameter:600-1500
Cage Weight:≥4500kg
Main Frame Bar Diameter:12-32mm
Coil Bar Diameter:6-12mm
Coil Bar Distance:50-400mm
Welding Way:Carbon-dioxide arc welding
After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service





Pile Diameter(mm)




Rebar Length(m)




Cage Wight(kg)




Main Rebar Diameter(mm)




Side Bar Diameter(mm)




Side Bar Distance(mm)




Weld Way

Carbon dioxide shielded welding

Carbon dioxide shielded welding

Carbon dioxide shielded welding


380v   50HZ

380v   50HZ

380v   50HZ





Product Introduction

1. Full automatic feeding device to speed up loading and penetration.

2. The automatic wire feeding mechanism can adjust the spacing of Stirrup on line, and the molding quality is high.

3. Positive and negative wheel straightening mechanism with high precision and long life

4. Automatic cage design to avoid bending due to self weight during welding.

5. Semi/ full automatic welding can be freely selected. The solder joints are accurate, high quality and fast welding speed.

6. The disc is installed with live link design, so that the turntable can be changed quickly.

7. Frequency control gear chain track, high accuracy, truly mechanized.

8. Imported PLC and inverter control, high stability

Functional characteristics

1. It can complete the welding work of single reinforcement, single stirrups, double stirrups, single reinforcement bars and double main reinforcement double stirrups.

2. The feeding part adopts the fixed loading rack. The feeding is simple and fast, and the efficiency is more than 50% higher than that of the similar products.

3. In the process of making cage, the cage device can automatically raise the reinforcing bar cage, prevent the deformation of the reinforcement cage, make the positive frequency of the product reach 100%, and facilitate the work of unloading cage.

Design process characteristics

1. The equipment rack is designed with steel structure principle, beautiful, good stability and high strength.

2. The whole machine adopts modular design, and the on-site assembly is simple and fast. The installation work can be completed in only 2 days, and the installation efficiency is increased by 200%.

3. The flange design is made of seamless tube cold bending, which greatly reduces the weight, reduces the inertia of 50%, saves energy and saves energy.

4. Flexible die ring and cross bar installation design can be flexibly replaced according to different pile foundation specifications, which is economical and applicable.

5. The flexible design of the stiffened tube, the fastening of the stiffened tube is tightened and the replacement is more convenient.

6. The servo motor is adopted to ensure the overall size of the product cage.

Advantages of technical data

1. The two models can complete the fabrication of 800mm-1500mm, 800mm-2000mm arbitrarily sized bored pile foundation reinforcement cage.

2. The equipment can process the largest 30m steel cage at one time.

3. High precision servo drive, the pitch can be adjusted at any 50-300mm, and the pitch error can be within 5mm.

4. The cage speed is up to 3.5r/min, and the speed can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Characteristics of control system

1. Selection of domestic or international famous brand components

2. PLC has 128K program capacity, processing speed of 0.02 ~ 0.05 s, speed of 10000 steps in 1ms, RS232 and RS485 communication port, and 2 databases.

3. The man-machine interface supports multiple languages; U disk data backup function; dual port independent communication.

4. The digital control servo system has the speed and frequency response of more than 400Hz, and the speed fluctuation rate is <0.03. It has the function of RS485/RS232 communication and can communicate with PLC in real time.

Process features of durable parts

The straightening wheel adopts high quality high carbon chromium bearing steel and adopts the heat treatment technology of precision bearing. The performance of the straightening wheel is more than 50% higher than that of the similar steel.

Process characteristics of parts processing

With many automatic intelligent laser cutting centers, multiple automatic welding robots, hundreds of precise vertical and horizontal machining centers, the high precision machining of parts is achieved, the exchange rate is one hundred percent.

Processing process of steel cage rolling welder