pc bar cage welding machine for precast concrete spun pile

pc bar cage welding machine for precast concrete spun pile

Product Description

This cage machine is full-automatic and especially used for producing the rebar cage of high strength concrete pile. It is widely used in welding the body of the self-stress, pre-stress pre-tensioning and post-tensioning rebar cage. It has the following features:

1. It can weld large-diameter and long rebar cage. It seldom twists rebar and the overall performance is good.

2. The loss of strength is low and the whole cage welded is firm.

3. The screw pitch of the rebar cage can be adjusted. The shaping process is quick.

4. It can work stably for a long time with high efficiency.

5. This cage machine has variable frequency control system. It is safe, environmental-friendly, stable and reliable.

6. It has reasonable structure and it easy to operate and maintain.

Technical Parameters

1. Rebar Cage Diameter Φ300 Φ400 Φ500 Φ600

2. Rebar Length 4M—15M (maximum 45M)

3. Number of Longitudinal Rebar 6, 7, 10 or 7, 10, 11, 12, 14 etc.

4. Longitudinal Rebar Diameter Φ7.1 Φ9.0 Φ10.7 Φ12.6

5. Circular Rebar Diameter Φ4mm—Φ6mm

6. Screw Pitch of the Rebar Cage 0—150mm

7. Welding Speed Maximum speed > 0-3000mm/min

8. Driving Power 8.7KW

9. Welding Transformer Power 300KVA

10. Main Engine Rotating Speed 0—64 r/min

11. Welding Manner Electric Resistance Welding

12. Control Mode Automatic Control

13. Welded Material Rebar (Carbon Content <0.20%)

14. Strength Loss in Welding Spot ≤5%

15. Tensile Force in Welding Spot ≥200 kg

16. Cooling Mode of Welding Transformer Air Cooling

17. Power Supply 380v±5% 50HZ

18. Working Temperature -5℃—+45℃

19. Relative Humidity <85%

20. Total Weight ≈5T

Why Choosing Us

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